Scanlouz DeLeon is one of the selected few artists from the heart of California (Central Valley), the North Side of Merced, Ca. Scanlouz began his music career singing at his grandmother’s church, but as he grew up and the environment around him changed, so did him and his music. From the church to the pavement, Scanlouz had to grit and grind as a youngin to survive in the streets of Merced. Although his life was difficult that didn’t stop him from chasing his dream as a musical artist. As a kid with no father in the house and a mother working to provide for the family, Scanlouz did what most kids in lower income environments did, jump off the porch and find what he was looking for in the real world. The street culture was inevitable when you grew up on the North Side of Merced. Gangs, drugs and sports were the only options and when the opportunity presented itself Scanlouz found another, music. Influenced by most of the OGs in the game like Snoop Dogg, E-40, DMX, Nas, especially the late greats 2Pac and his latest influence, Nipsey Hussle, he had no trouble finding his sound. Scanlouz DeLeon, birth name Malcolm X. Moore, found what it was he always looked for, a solid way to express his emotions. From the curb to the studio Scanlouz started recording music and doing shows. He teamed up with his childhood friend Ozzy Oz and formed the duo Hitta Clik. He also linked up with an extended family member, now brother, Layz and created their own label, Live & Exclusive Entertainment. Scanlouz Released his first project entitled “Another Day Another Dolla” presented by L&E Ent. and label Outlaw Money. That set the tone for what was next to come. Since then Scanlouz has released 9 solo studio projects, 1 group project with his labels mates and affiliates B.E.G.G.(Black Eye Goblin Gang), multiple projects with other artists and hundreds of features. Early in 2020 Scanlouz DeLeon and business partner Layz, started up their own clothing company, Live & Exist Clothing Co. to push their brand. Following the likes of E-40, Master P and Nipsey Hussle , Scanlouz DeLeon and his hustlers ambition hope to leave his mark on the industry and the world one way or another. Live And Exist. 

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