Are Monkey Bars Legal

Monkey bars and swings account for the majority of total injuries caused by play equipment, resulting in injuries in the emergency room, although slips account for one-fifth of injuries. When I saw the children playing in my children`s school during recess, I was amazed at the installation that the older children had with the monkey bars; They climbed above and below the stems as if they were, well, monkeys. But I couldn`t help but worry about the younger children. They are less skillful, and of course they are also smaller, so they have to keep falling. According to Schaffner, a new post-Harper and Caitlin policy on the Jamestown playground prevents kindergarten children from using monkey bars unless an adult finds out. “They just don`t have the arm strength to be used safely on their own,” she says, “so it`s a solution to this problem.” Did parents campaign for the end of monkey bars at Jamestown Elementary? Despite the moms and dads in helicopters buzzing around our enclave in a suburb of Virginia, Kenwyn Schaffner, the principal of my daughters, says they didn`t. The playground meets federal safety recommendations (which give guidelines for monkey beams, but do not advise against them) and is approved quarterly by a district inspector. Schaffner points out that children as children have ample opportunity to injure themselves, regardless of the scenario. Recently, a child broke his ankle while running on the football field: “There was no hole, no stone or anything. He just tripped over his own feet. Apart from wrapping our darlings in bubble wrap, nothing will keep them completely safe. When we got off the bus after the second day of kindergarten, our daughter Harper excitedly told me that she was the only child in her class who could swing all along the monkey poles.

“Look at my hands!” she shouted, showing me her developing monkey bar calluses. “Good job!” I answered. I asked Shulta, the radiology technician, if monkey grids should be banned in playgrounds or if I should just master myself. “Having a grip is good!” she replied. “How many times did we climb things when we were younger?” From their point of view, monkey beams are not the problem: “It is the padded ground under the monkey poles that needs to be improved.” So that`s the solution! Expect me to drive to Jamestown Elementary this weekend with spare mattresses. In fact, there`s a new school of thought that suggests that, contrary to my concern about monkey bars, more demanding – even dangerous – playgrounds for kids might be better than safer, simpler ones. Two Norwegian researchers, Leif Kennair and Ellen Sandseter, recently wrote an article calling for “risky gambling.” They argue that children who do not have the chance to overcome difficult physical challenges may grow up more anxious than children who are at risk of (relatively mild) injuries and are coping with them. The occasional bone fracture, twisted ankle or stunned tooth can be traumatic, but these injuries are “normal for the species,” that is, the type of injuries that children have suffered throughout human history without lasting damage. Manufacturers enjoy greater legal protection than owners and operators and are not liable for foreseeable damage to their products.

You`re unlikely to win a lawsuit against a manufacturer unless the company has compromised on safety or manufactured faulty equipment. My 6-year-old nephew jog to a small playground, got up on monkey poles, and lost his grip on poles too thick for his little hands. He fell to the ground, landed on a thin layer of wood chips, his forearm was severely broken and hanged on his side. So maybe I don`t want to forcibly uproot the monkey bars from my kids` playground. But if a little girl was to be sacrificed to the monkey gods this fall, did it have to be mine? It`s easy to call a broken arm a “normal species” if it`s not your child screaming in pain. In other cases, a poorly supervised child may use the equipment in dangerous ways, such as climbing monkey poles or jumping swings. If a playground violation is due to inadequate supervision and not a defective or dangerous product, you may be able to hold the supervisor and/or facility liable for the damage. The same goes for a babysitter or neighbor who doesn`t supervise your child on a home field. Any person or entity with an obligation to supervise your child can become a defendant in these cases. After returning to school, her new cast made her a celebrity, sitting on the playground wall during recess, receiving supporters and giving blessings as a gift from the mafia.

And when news of their injury spread among our friends at this school and others, they shared with us their stories of monkey trauma. A child broke his arm in kindergarten and then again in first grade. In fact, falling from monkey poles seemed like a dark rite of passage in elementary school – the bars themselves were a vengeful god who demanded sacrifices, with a child rushing in each fall as an example for the rest of the children. On the fourth day of kindergarten, Harper fell off the monkey bars and broke his arm. When my wife took our screaming child to the X-ray room, where photos showed a complete rupture of the humerus just above the elbow, the hospital technician asked, “Monkey bars or trampoline?” If it were up to him, he said, he would demolish all the monkey bars. Media Blog Kids still play at Monkey Bars? Prevent emergency room visits with these tips to prevent playground injuries Well, monkey bars didn`t look so dangerous; Unlike old-fashioned jungle gyms, there is no risk of a child hitting several bars on the way down. And they weren`t very tall – just slightly taller than me, with a layer of mulch underneath. Harper, her arm barely healed, looked at her with nostalgia and only walked to the slide when I reminded her that her doctor had told her to calm down until Thanksgiving. A friend watched her daughter walk upside down and wondered if the child, who had once been nervous and physically shy, was now an adventurous freshman. Among the most popular areas on a playground are climbing equipment. Unfortunately, they can also be the most dangerous.

If you find that the surfaces are wet, it is important not to let your child climb on these structures, as they can become very slippery and cause a fall. When it comes to monkey bars, it`s important to allow only one child at a time. Overpopulation of monkey stems can lead to rough housing, and rough housing can quickly lead to injuries. Why do we suffer from these vicious thugs in our playgrounds? Shouldn`t we just replace monkey bars with play equipment that is less likely to maim our children? It seemed crazy to me that our playground had a device that everyone knows causes a lot of serious injuries. I went to school to see these silent plastic killers, ready to become that kind of parent. Depending on your jurisdiction, just about anyone can be held legally liable, from the guy who laid the mulch to the teacher who texted when your child fell off the monkey poles. At DiBella Law Offices, P.C., we understand that every parent`s first priority is their children. If the unimaginable happens and your child is struggling with a serious bodily injury, you`ll want answers. You`ll need an experienced Boston liability attorney who can help you get the right amount of financial compensation to cover necessary medical expenses and other bills that arise directly from your child`s injuries.

Start getting the help you need and let us give your family the right legal advice to fight your case. Call us at (617) 870-0907 for a free consultation. Depending on your jurisdiction, just about anyone can be held legally liable, from the guy who laid the mulch to the teacher who texted when your child fell off the monkey poles. The three parties most often responsible are the owner of the playground (including the school district and local government), the manufacturer of the equipment or contractor who installed it, and the individual employees responsible for supervising your children (a nanny or teacher).

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