Al Tamimi Law Firm Salary

Salaries are usually paid at a flat rate and the “expat package”, which divides salary, accommodation and other costs, is rare these days. Housing costs are now very competitive compared to other major jurisdictions, with new high-quality villas and apartments available. About Al Tamimi & Company Al Tamimi Company is a law firm that offers a business law firm. The company mainly serves North Africa and the Middle East with large areas of the sector. The company was founded in January 1989 by a man named Essam Al Tamimi and started as Al Tamimi & Company. Since […] The legal market is still very much dominated by Dubai, and many companies and corporations still use Dubai as their main base in the Middle East given its liberal regime, world-class infrastructure, and excellent facilities for living abroad. The region has been somewhat more subdued in recent years, but the market is expected to move higher in 2018 as the region grows and matures as a result of stabilizing oil prices. The majority of law firms offer full services and will perform corporate, financial, project/construction, real estate and litigation/arbitration activities in their regional offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The recruitment market in the Middle East continues to be an attractive location for international lawyers and offers excellent career opportunities in law firms. It is fast,exciting and continues to attract global organizations to the region. It offers lawyers state-of-the-art legal work, good contact with clients, relatively small but high-quality teams and impressive salary packages. Most international law firms are mainly made up of foreign lawyers, and English is the language of business in the region. Arabic-speaking lawyers are of course also relatively prevalent in international and local law firms.

Mandatory benefits such as private health insurance are standard, but old-fashioned package fillers such as education and car allowances are rare. Premiums in all areas remain discretionary and our information suggests that there is no characteristic trend, except that they are offered by the majority of organizations in the region. The Middle East is becoming a complete place to live with Dubai at the forefront of attractions, so much so that it is now a holiday destination for many people around the world. The area is now home to a variety of sports clubs and events such as the Dubai Sevens, Race to Dubai World Championship Golf, ATP tennis tournaments, Swimming World Championships and Formula 1 Grand Prix. In addition, there are great beaches and hotels, some of the best shopping malls in the world and a number of bars and restaurants. There is a lot to offer for singles or families. The region`s economic growth figures are among the most positive in the world, with forecasts of further progress. The outlook for the region looks good as several developing countries mature. The Middle East is a cosmopolitan region and this is reflected in the diversity of the local legal population. As regional experience becomes increasingly important, hiring managers are often willing to pay a premium to those already established in the market.

However, in a cheap market, there are still many opportunities for those who are based outside the UAE. With expats now able to buy properties in a number of locations and with high standards of education and health, moving to the area is no longer a “pit stop”, but often a long-term step. The Middle East is an income tax-free region and is therefore considered a particularly attractive option, given that salaries are equal to or slightly higher than London rates but are not taxed. Other sites such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have the potential to grow due to their revenues from nature reserves and also offer excellent opportunities for lawyers looking for a less developed market. Offices and teams tend to be much smaller, but still offer great career opportunities. The climate is excellent for most of the year and wall-to-wall air conditioning makes hot summers bearable no matter what activity you want to participate in. If you want to take a break, the Middle East is a great transportation hub as it is located between Europe, Africa and Asia, making them all very accessible in a matter of hours. We are pleased to present our market overview of the private practice sector in the Middle East. Taylor Root has been operating in the region for nearly 20 years and opened its Dubai office in October 2007. Taylor Root recognizes that the Middle East is a unique and individualized marketplace, and we strive to provide as accurate and up-to-date information as possible regarding salaries and recruitment trends as part of our services to clients and candidates in the region.

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