Age Legal De La Retraite En Europe

Persons born before 1952: * Men: 61 years; * Women: 60 years; * If they wish, women have the option of retiring at the age of 61. Men and women born: * between 1952 and 1955: 62 years; * between 1956 and 1958: 63 years; * between 1959 and 1962: 64 years; * 1962 and later: 65 years. One of the most important levers available to States is the gradual raising of the retirement age. No less than 19 Member States have decided to take it up in the coming years or are already starting to do so gradually. From the age of 62, you can apply for retirement at any time. The Netherlands, in particular, has gone even further in its legislation on the retirement age: it is linked to life expectancy. From 2024, the Dutch will have to wait until the age of 67 to retire, and from 2025, the legal retirement age will be increased by 8 months for each year of increase in life expectancy. Slovakia has also introduced a similar system by 2030. Italy, for its part, continues to gradually raise the legal retirement age based on life expectancy, also reaching 69 years and 9 months by 2050. The right to retirement at the age of 60, which was increased to 62 as part of the 2010 pension reform, does not give rise to the right to a full pension.

But a person who has contributed enough to benefit from it, i.e. 41 and a half years, cannot leave 60 years ago (62 years after the reform), with a few exceptions. if you were born© on October 10, 1960, you will be 62 years old on October 10, 2022. You can apply for retirement if you wish, from 1 November 2022. If you are on 1. Born in October 1960, you can leave on©© October 1, 2022. The retirement age is flexible and ranges from 62 to 75. Special provisions apply to the receipt of an old-age pension before the age of 67, i.e. the person is entitled to at least the minimum pension paid to persons who have contributed for 40 years when they reach the age of 67.

The legal retirement age for men gradually increases by 2 months per year until the threshold of 65 is reached. The legal retirement age for women is increased by 6 months per year until it corresponds to that of men. The Danish pension system, which is regularly presented as the best pension system in the world, is based on 2 pillars. The universal system (“folkepension”), which is the first pillar, applies to all employees. The second pillar, the supplementary pension “Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension (ATP)”, is compulsory for all employees. In addition to this pension, there are specific schemes, including categorical pensions and private pensions. Sweden, on the other hand, is a special case: it has adopted the principle of a flexible retirement age with the possibility of receiving a pension from the age of 62. In addition to the differences, all pension systems in Europe face a common problem: demographic change. You will be informed© by e-mail that the page “At what age can you retire in the private© sector? Â` is considerably updated.

Some professions in the public sector have the right to leave the country which has exceeded the general legal minimum age because of the seriousness and difficulties of exercising these professions, which are called “categories of salaried workers” [52]. This retirement age is 57 years (59 years after the reform). Conversely, some public sector professions have the right to leave later, for example military engineers. Their retirement age is 64 (66 years after the reform). 63 years and 9 months. The legal retirement age will be gradually raised from 3 months per year to 65 in 2025. My opinion: In France, there is a lot of talk about arduousness at work, but what exactly is it? We plan to take into account the difficulty of working in retirement, but what will be the criteria for this very relative term? Schematically, if you work in an office, you may think that the work of the mason is painful. If you are a mason, you may think that the work of a bureaucrat is painful.

Today, more and more women are accessing “men`s jobs” and vice versa. Does a woman who wants to become a winemaker think it`s painful? Does a woman who wants to become an airline pilot think it`s painful? Does a man who wants to become a midwife think it`s painful? The question is first and foremost whether there is the right person in this position. Moreover, in reality, the consequences of “difficulties” or “dangers” are often recognized in the long term. cf..

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