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Zeynep began his career in a law firm advising national and international companies on mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation and corporate law. After four years, she continued her career as in-house counsel at Doğan TV Holding. At Doğan TV Holding, Zeynep advised the company on its day-to-day legal activities and played a key role in the sale of a TV channel and an international mergers and acquisitions transaction in the media sector. After his internal role at Doğan TV Holding, Zeynep worked at JTI as a General Counsel for more than five years before joining Henkel Turkey in 2018. Zeynep has been Responsible for Legal Affairs and Compliance at Henkel Turkey since March 2020. ADMD has the legal expertise and track record to help foreign investments set up smooth and efficient processes, and nearly 70% of our clients are foreign investors operating in Turkey. As a result, our expertise in supporting foreign investors is among the most important in the Turkish legal market. In addition to providing a wide range of legal services that foreign investors need, ADMD also serves as a guide for investors to help them understand Turkey`s legal and economic environment. In her legal department, Rana is also a project manager and is currently leading a large compliance project to implement a new compliance program across the Koç Group.

After starting his legal career at Herrick 26 years ago, Barbaros advises multinational and cross-border clients on corporate, financial, real estate and litigation matters. Since 2012, Barbaros has represented the Turkish government with a team of real estate lawyers in its largest real estate project outside of Turkey – the Turkevi project in New York. Over the past 12 months, law firms around the world have already begun to feel the effects of disruptive trends such as Covid-19, while corporate legal departments are increasingly challenged to cut costs and operate more efficiently than ever before. New innovative methods of customer/customer orientation with the ability to adapt to a series of changes must be managed. This will be especially the case as law firms and corporate legal departments explore various new platforms and tools to meet the requirements of supporting remote work and virtual collaboration. The construction and real estate sector in Turkey has been booming for two decades and legal advice on construction projects has been one of our strengths among ADMD practices. Our members have experience in managing multifaceted transactions involving billions of dollars for the construction of many projects with complex phases. We support our clients in all legal aspects of a construction project, from the initial drafting of the contract to the construction period and dispute resolution.

We assist in the preparation of contracts for planning, design, engineering, program, project and construction management and provide services for the preparation of tender documents, sales and leasing procedures, including area, financing and securitization details. Hande started working for Avon Cosmetics in 2011 and managed the legal and regulatory program in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa until Avon`s merger with Natura & Co in 2020. Since then, she has been General Counsel of Natura & Co for Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. The Legal 500 has been published for over 30 years and offers comprehensive global coverage of legal service providers in 150 jurisdictions. The research is based on feedback from more than 300,000 business consultants from around the world, filings from law firms, and interviews with leading lawyers and a team of researchers with extensive experience in the legal market. As more and more organizations are already advocating for flexible working arrangements and work-life balance thanks to the pandemic, the panel will also discuss whether lawyers will be able to balance their personal lives with work in a way that the global legal industry has rarely seen before. ADMD stands out for its wide range of services to foreign investors, its support in mergers and acquisitions and financing transactions, its unique tax planning and tax controversy services, as well as its extensive experience in real estate and in particular hotel companies. ADMD seeks to combine the attention of a private law firm with the professionalism of an international consulting firm to provide its clients with the best service they deserve. ADMD has a strong reputation as one of the best-known and most effective legal service providers for franchise and hotel management agreements.

In the hospitality sector, ADMD supports hotels and resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, spas and relevant services as well as product suppliers. All ADMD members and partners are proficient in English and can provide bilingual legal services. In addition to providing a wide range of legal services that foreign investors need, ADMD also serves as a guide for investors, helping them understand Turkey`s legal and economic environment. ADMD supports its clients directly or with reliable recommendations for any additional services that may be required, including virtual office training, outsourced accounting, and tax returns. Business Areas: ADMD has extensive legal expertise and experience in assisting foreign investment through smooth and efficient processes. More than 65% of ADMD`s clients are foreign investors operating in Turkey. As a result, ADMD`s expertise in supporting foreign investors is among the most important in the Turkish legal market. We try to make ADMD one of the most diligent, fastest and most profitable law firms. ADMD is extremely fast with its responses and we know that in the moments following the click on the “Send” button, our customers look at their screens to get an answer.

We understand and appreciate that everything is urgent and important and try to keep up with the limited number of requests per partner and employee.

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