Activities That Are Illegal in the Uk but Legal Elsewhere

While it`s unlikely you`ll visit a royal house and your dog will be paired with one of the Queen`s beloved corgis, if that were to happen, it would be against British law! In Singapore, it is illegal to connect to someone else`s Wi-Fi. The country`s Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act states that using someone else`s Wi-Fi network is considered a hack, and anyone caught doing so can face a fine of up to $10,000 or worse — they could face up to three years in prison. Instagram can wait in this case. You can also thank the boring old Metropolitan Police Act 1839 for this! You may think it`s an old-fashioned British law, as it`s called in the Town Police Clauses Act of 1847, but it`s still in force today. So buckle up and get ready for a strange ride as you explore some of the strange British laws that are still in place today. Luckily, since most are incredibly outdated, you won`t find any that require tech lawyers or in-house lawyers. But read on to find out more about all the strange British laws that still exist. It`s a frustrating game that people still play, and it can be an extremely annoying nuisance to residents. A similar law exists in Iceland, where any whale stranded ashore must be reported to the local sheriff, who then decides to give it to the king or queen. While it can be a lot of fun to glide down an icy road on a sleigh or even just with your shoes, it`s another of the weird British laws that make it illegal. Yet another law of this beautiful law on municipal police clauses of 1847! The Public Health Act of 1936 stipulates that taxi drivers are required to ask their passengers if they also have plague or smallpox. To regulate fishing, illegal fishing, shady trade agreements and poaching, the Salmon Act 1986 was created.

Section 32 of the Act, aptly titled “Handling of Salmon in Suspicious Circumstances”, is intended to punish anyone who illegally receives or disposes of salmon. In recent years, the provisions of section 32 have extended to other freshwater fish such as trout, eel, lamprey and smelt. So the next time you fish or buy, make it legal. Edward II used the Statute to end the violence that had erupted between the two factions of Parliament, the pro-royalist Lancastrians and the anti-royalist party of the Earl of Gloucester. Would you like to teach law to earn a living? You can. Of course, this is when you know the peculiarities of the legal system and its many laws. Our A-level online law course can help you start your journey. You can choose to expand this knowledge to university on a law degree or directly pursue your teaching ability, giving you the status you need to teach. This law dates back to the Mobile Phone Laws of 2003, which describe when it is illegal to touch a phone or handset while driving.

So if you`re using your phone while the engine is running, you`re technically using your phone when you`re driving a car. But as society grows, the laws that evolve can sometimes be questionable, to say the least. So it`s time to put on your wig and take the hammer, as we`ve rounded up some really strange UK laws and fun myths that every potential lawyer should know. Or not. In any event, our court is now in session. Be careful, some of these hilarious, compassionate and completely strange British laws still exist today. Ouch. Sorry for all the craftsmen and builders, but section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act describes that you are not allowed to carry a wooden plank on a sidewalk in London unless it has been unloaded from a van. If you`re sitting there thinking, “I`ve never walked around with a wooden board in London,” don`t worry, the Police Act extends further and includes wheels, ladders, and poles, among other things.

Gambling is illegal in any library in the UK as it is considered a public place. Consular staff often find that travellers are unaware that local laws apply to them, and many British nationals view their British passport as a release card from prison. While consular staff will always try to help British nationals who have problems abroad, we cannot interfere in the legal processes of another country. The Sailors` and Soldiers` False Characters Act of 1906 makes it illegal for a person to claim to be part of the armed forces, and the Police Act of 1996 says the same for anyone disguised as false copper. In this blog post, we look at some of the weirdest and most archaic laws still in place in the UK legal system today. From a law banning the act of playing in a British public library to a law where killing a swan is an act of treason, these laws will make you scratch your head! In any case, a worthy competitor on this list of the strangest British laws treats a salmon with suspicion. What is even more astonishing is that this law even has its own law as section 23 of the Salmon Act 1986, which covers the suspicious handling of fish. Instagram can wait in this case. But did you know that it is illegal in itself to be drunk? Even in a pub? In America, “jaywalking” – or the act of crossing the street when the traffic light doesn`t say you can – is a crime. While it is considered a minor offence that is usually only dealt with by imposing a fine, it remains illegal. Demand varies from state to state, but in Massachusetts, for example, people who practice jaywalking are fined $1 for their first, second, and third offenses in a given year and $2 for their fourth offense and all subsequent offenses per year.

2) It is illegal to be drunk in the pub. According to section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872, “anyone found drunk will be found. in all approved premises, shall be punished by a penalty”. It is also a criminal offence under the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 if the owner of an inn permits drunkenness or disorderly conduct on the premises. In addition, under the Licensing Act 2003, the sale of alcohol to a drunk person or the consumption of alcohol by a drunk person is a criminal offence. On behalf of the public service, investigated other fabricated and outdated crimes that could get you into trouble. There is actually a certain logic – the part of the foot in any case – and that is to avoid dangers. Have you ever tried flip-flops? It`s embarrassing. And barefoot? Just try to put pressure on these pedals. Ouch. It is absolute child`s play that rabid dogs or corpses cannot be transported due to health and safety rules! As early as the 17th century, it would have been forbidden to devour delicious chopped pies on Christmas Day.

Although widely contested, the ban is often attributed to Oliver Cromwell`s attempt to combat gluttony. However, many sources suggest that cakes were banned because Christmas Day fell on a legally imposed fasting day. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) also recently warned that swearing and rude gestures (including online) could be considered “obscene acts” in the UAE and could result in the detention or deportation of offenders.

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